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Analog Inputs
Load Cell
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Intellution - SCADA software for Process Automation & Controls

M/s Intellution, USA

Intellution is based on the most up-to-date Microsoft native 32 bit Client / Server architecture. The architecture is Windows DNA (Distributed interNet Application) to use the full potential of the OS while maintaining Windows standards. Intellution fully supports - ActiveX, OCX, VBA with support of Multithreading, OPC server & OPC Client, Specifications OPC DA and A&E, ODBC, DDE & NetDDE, OLE2 automation, SQL, DAO & ADO, TCP/IP, RAS, External DLL, API of Windows, MAPI, TAPI, SAPI, HTML etc. The feature includes Alarms & Diagnosis, Historical log, Data Loggers, Trends, Security, Web Client, etc. Having vast library of I/O driver.
TestPoint - Software for Data Acquisition, Instrument Control, Analysis and Presentation


TestPoint uses object-oriented, drag-and-drop technology to bring both power and simplicity to data acquisition and test & measurement, Analysis, Reporting. TestPoint is simple, powerful and unlimited support of latest open and extendible software standards likes ActiveX, DDE, OPC, ODBC, C++/DLL, VISA, OLE2 etc. The IEEE-488, GP-IB, RS232, RS485, or VXI instrument objects in TestPoint support all instruments, all functions, and all commands. TestPoint's Math Object let's you calculate simple or complex formulas with any number of variables. Arithmetic, logic operators, vector and array, string, trigonometric, and log functions are all available. FFT's and inverse FFT's, filters and other advanced functions provide fast data analysis and the list of math functions is constantly growing.

WinSPC - Statistical Process Control Software


WinSPC was the first real-time, Windows-based SPC application. WinSPC provides real-time automated process feedback for immediate corrective action. The software also enables you to monitor in-line production and quality data to ensure product and process conformance. WinSPC helps you quickly identify and react to potential problems that impact your bottom line.

WinSPC helps you achieve -

  • Real-Time process monitoring, alarming and notification.
  • Automated closed-loop corrective action feedback.
  • Continues improvement for ISO/QS/FDA compliance.
  • Distribution of customizable compliance documentation via the web.
  • Statistical & Analytical support for Six Sigma programs.
Real-Time Hardware and Software System for Sub-Station Management


Cybectec's comprehensive solutions introduce a functional and operational focus to Power & Automation value-added products for integration in production, transmission and distribution infrastructures. Also provides technology products ranging from integration tools to intelligent substation gateways and state-of-the-art 'Dashboards' that acquire, process and display data generated in electrical power systems. In terms of connectivity solutions, we are considered a leading supplier of Internet, Intranet and Ethernet/LAN/WAN solutions. Cybectec also specialize in secure and redundant gateways for electrical control and management networks.
Substation Modernization PlatformTM (SMPTM) The SMP is an intelligent gateway specially designed to meet the growing need for substation integration and automation. Visual SubstationTM Visual Substation is a sophisticated real-time client-server HMI that brings the power of a SCADA system to your substation.
NEW HORIZON ELECTRICS PVT. LTD has been incorporated with its primary objective of providing appropriate instrumentation to enable the Electrical Engineers to gather information and reduce Electrical cost and thus save the precious Electrical Energy.
Today New Horizon has more than 5000 Installations in India , Bangok, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malyasia, Singapore with 10 personells and above all Customers who have expressed unflinging loyalty by placing repeat orders and Satisfied Customers who use ELECTREX meters are in leading Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Process, Cement, Textile, Hotel, Commercial, Software, Electricity Board, Food Processing etc. (Ask for List).
Leading Consultants located all around India have approved us and using in their projects.
Product Ranges : Panel Meter, Power and Energy Meter,Energy Analyzer,Load Monitor,Load Controller,Transducer,

Comprehensive Solutions for Measurement of Physical Parameters Products for weighing and automation. Product Ranges Load Cell, Measurement Transmitters, Weighing Indicators, Process Indicators, Connectors and Supplies Units.

OPUS is new age report writing and business analysis software designed for use by people who need to share information from a multitude of disparate data sources across the Network, Intranet or Internet. It’s so simple to use that any business-person familiar with Microsoft Office can generate meaningful and timely web reports. This software package is both powerful and scalable, providing access to a multitude of simultaneous data sources even in the most complex of enterprise software systems.
OPUS is a web-based business analysis and reporting tool , enabling companies to build and publish reports from a variety of data sources.
OPUS uses standards wherever possible making it a useful tool for anyone wanting to view snapshots of information from almost any Data Source, regardless of the industry in which they function.

Procon Electronics are dynamic electronics company which specializes in the Design and Manufacture of Industrial Telemetry and Data Acquisition equipment, and products for the parking and traffic markets including inductive loop vehicle detectors, logic
units and counters.

Elexol Pvt. Ltd is an Australian company located on Australia's Gold Coast. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic development modules and MP3 technology based products.
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