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Analog Inputs
Load Cell
Pressure Transmitter

DGH's Sensor to Computer modules are a family of complete solutions designed for Data Acquisition Systems based on PC and other processor-based equipment with standards serial I/O ports. The various modules like Analog I/P & O/P, Digital I/P & O/P, Freq / Counter / Timer etc. communicate over RS-485 network through RS-232 to RS-485 convertor to PC. The standard MODBUS protocol makes it very easy to connect to any HMI/SCADA software.

M/s Gefran, Italy
A wide range of sensors and transmitters for Pressure,Displacement,Temperature ,Load, etc. alongwith a wide range of Indicators/Controllers with PC interface.
Embedded PLC (ePLC)


Embedded PLC (ePLC) are designed for small I/O applications (up to 128 I/O) in a board level style. Entertron offers the Original Equipment Manufacturer propriety and flexibility not found in other manufacturer's PLCs. Entertron offers Micro PLCs with such features as Analog, RTD, Thermocouple, Real Time Clock, Expanded Memory, Multiple serial ports. Most of these features are reserved for more expensive modular systems. Eware32 is Entertron's latest relay ladder logic programming software packaged free of cost for The Smart-PAK series, SK1600-RIC and Elite-2000 series of ePLCs.
Profibus DP products


Tecnint THE with a particular know-how in high tech electronics, designs and manufactures a wide range of standard Profibus DP products. The products are Master for PC bus, Master for VMEbus, Stand alone solutions, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Mixed I/O, Encoder I/P, Axes control modules etc. A complete software package is available; DLL for Windows 98/NT, GSD files, programming tools for C or IEC-61131-3 languages and standard real-time operating systems.
LONWORKS based security and Access Control Integrated System


Apice's Access control product provides high level of security for offices containing industrial secrets, calculation centers, data banks and other paper documents subject to privacy. Apice has Gate Controller, Identification Terminal, LonServer - contains the database of the activated badges and to memorise access and alarm events, Acquisition & Command unit and AxWin Access Control software for managing the user database, firms, identification codes, time bands, access level, user types, anti-passback functions, presence in the area, alarms and anything else.
RS232/485, USB based Serial Communication cards and I/O Modules


Sealevel Systems provides vast range of Serial I/O adapters for Synchronous and Asynchronous communication for RS232 / 422 / 485 and USB, Digital I/O adapter, Software for the communication adapter. Sealevel adapter supports Windows, Linux and QNX operating system. All the Sealevel products come with lifetime warranty.
Precision Direct to Sensor Data Acquisition Board


instruNET provides ten's of microVolts of absolute accuracy instead of ten's of milliVolts, at the same cost, and at the same throughput rates as typical general-purpose data acquisition boards. It does it with a completely different topology where the analog electronics are close to the sensor in electrically-quite boxes outside your PC, and noisy digital electronics are left inside the computer. The external boxes contains signal conditioning amplifier for each channel, and can therefore directly attach to sensor such as thermocouples, ysi thermistors, RTD's, strain gauges, resistance sources, current sources, and voltage sources. At the heart of the real-time system is a PCI controller board, which is having 32 bit uP with 256KB of RAM that manages the external "network: of devices. All real-time tasks are off-loaded to this processor; therefore the host computer is not burdened with the real-time issues.
M/s Meinberg Funkuhren GmbH & Co. KG

Time and frequency servers for synchronisation of the networks

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