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Analog Inputs
Load Cell
Pressure Transmitter

Labdhi Automation & Control is proud of its reputation of providing high quality, reliable equipment, and its fast response to customer's problem. One of the strength of the company lies in its ability to accept and successfully take responsibility for the complete system, by the provision of the following services: Appraisal of requirement, Project Management, Design, Testing, Installation, Commissioning and customer services.

We serve Chemical/Petro-Chemical, Fertilizers, Steel, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Plastic Industries and are currently working on providing solution for Building Automation, Water & Waste Water, Remote / Web I/O Systems etc.

We are Dealers for following companies.

  • M/s DGH Corporation, USA
    Sensor to Computer, RS-485 based I/O Modules
  • M/s. Gefran, Italy
    For wide range of Process Instrumentation

  • M/s. Tempco, USA
    For electrical Heating Elements

    We follow and firmly believe in the RAS (Reliability, Accessibility and Serviceability) concept. To remain flexible and best satisfy the need of individual customers, Labdhi Automation & Controls develop and maintains -
  • Close relationship with Customers & Suppliers.
  • Proactive and responsible Staff.
  • Meeting our commitments at all levels.
  • Generate profitable growth within the company and for the customer.

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